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Hatch&Grow Kit Guide 2: Feeding Guide

Hatch&Grow Kit Guide 2: Feeding Guide

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Too much Googling can really overwhelm a new parent! In this short but comprehensive handout on WEANING, learn the essentials and get distilled, curated, evidence-based information at your fingertips without the need to scroll through a bottomless pit of web information that will just confuse you in your parenting journey.

Written by pediatricians, this is a guide lovingly written with the new parents in mind to help them transition their baby to solid feeding.

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1. What is Weaning?

2. Is Your Child Ready?

3. Tools and Must-Haves

4. How to Start?

5. Feeding Progression

6. Food Groups

7. Some Tips

8. Sample Meal Plan

9. Sample Recipes

10. Undated Calendar Pages for Meal Planning


To our dear Hatch&Grow customers, purchase of this handout is for personal use only as this is copyrighted material. It may not be shared or distributed, in whole or in part, whether for free or for a fee, without written permission from Hatch and Grow. Resale rights start at ₱50,000 and will be billed accordingly to those who share or resell. If you would like to share with your friends, contact us regarding becoming an affiliate.


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